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The department of space electronics and information technology is fully accredited by the ministry of education at October 2002. And the master course is established at March 2003, the doctoral course is opened at 2005.

The department of space electronics and information technology offer the interdisciplinary space measurements and satellite information communications convergence program between science and technology, and These course is the first general graduate course in Korea to train professionals. the core fundamental technology and space application technology that can lead IT&ST era of 21st century are researched in this department.

Professors of the engineering college and information and communication engineering college are participant in this department, and they offer systematic and diverse educations and carry out organic and consistent researches by an interdisciplinary interchange. This department is helpful to students who are studied mathematics, physics, information and communication engineering, electronics, satellite engineering, geomatics, geophysics, measurement science, system engineering and space science in the undergraduate college.

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